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About M12

M12 Society

Mahvrick has diversified its interests from Internet to traditional businesses. We feel that having a core asset base helps when developing a businesses in progressive industries. Real Estate, Oil, Solar (Renewable Energy) have helped us to build upon our passions; Art, Leisure (A-list Events toTelevision), Lifestyle (including Best Dining and Most Powerful) and Society our philanthropic endeavors.

Mahvrick’s unique passion fuels its rise to one of the most recognized brands in the world. The management of the Mahvrick continually researches to maintain a fine balance between cutting edge ideas, concepts, and modern fundamentals.

Our growth is tied to experiences through travels, which consistently expand Mahvrick’s range of stimulation for creativity. The face of Mahvrick is shaped by experiences, the well-rounded lifestyle of its clients, and the intimacy of the ideas shared with friends and family.

Mahvrick obtains information from different sources to interpret new and iconic fundamentals from the best Cuisine, Art, Fashion, Film, and Music worldwide. These fact-findings influence Mahvrick’s search for rich traditions and its delivery of new ideas to a critical mass.























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