Why you should stop giving unsolicited advice.

Giving unsolicited advice is like walking into someone’s house uninvited. Even if that person is your friend. (Please don’t visit your friends without informing them)

This week has been a rollercoaster of drama. Both personally and professionally. There were times when I wanted to just rant. In fact almost always I just wanted to pour out what I was feeling, why I was feeling that way and everything I fantasized about the situation but I hardly expressed my emotions because I was tired of ranting to someone only for the person to bombard me with series of advice I never asked for. So instead I spoke to my brain and cells alone in that tiny little space in my head. *laughs* Yet, the one time I did rant this week, it was with a wonderful person that just listened beautifully well. Whoop!! Such a blessing.

People are so quick to show off how much they know about your situation or new project with dozens of do this, go this way, act like this, just at the mere mention of expressing your self. If you are on this table, be calming down. Cool down.

Truth is, if they needed your advice they would ask. Now, I’m not saying giving advice is wrong, I’m simply saying giving unsolicited advice is wrong. Unsolicited advice is advuce that is wrong. When its clear the receiver doesn’t want your advice is where the problem lies.

Look at this scenerio;