Why 2020 Was the Best Year For the Church

In general, 2020 was a difficult year. It has affected many people’s physical health, mental health, financial stability and relationships. I would never want to downplay that.


But I still think that 2020 was the best year for the Church. Without ignoring the difficulties of the year, here is why I think this:

  • Many congregations changed more and faster than they ever could have imagined.
  • Many congregations reached new people through online services.
  • Pastors learned all sorts of new skills that they never were taught in seminary.
  • Laypeople learned new skills, especially with technology.
  • We learned the difference between the church as the people and the church as a building.
  • We learned new ways of worshiping and rediscovered old ways of worshiping.
  • Many laypeople took up the role of caring for people in the congregations.
  • Programs and ministries that have been around for decades have finally had the opportunity to reflect on their current role and potential future.
  • We have turned to God in prayer when many of our other activities were no longer available.
  • We have been reminded how little we can rely on our own strength and wisdom.
  • We have been forced to think carefully about what we really believe and value.

What about you? In terms of the Church, was 2020 the worst or the best of years?


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