Umbrella Academy: Season One – Review

We are in a new era of superhero TV shows. We have moved beyond the boy scout with a cape. The Umbrella Academy is a prime example.

Umbrella Academy

The premise is that a number of babies were born under strange circumstances, each with their own superpowers. Some of them were brought together by a strange man to form the Umbrella Academy.

This is like a dysfunctional X-Men or an even stranger Doom Patrol. Every character is completely messed up.

They are brought together at the death of their “father” but things get complicated when it looks like the end of the world is coming.

This series is pretty dark and definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But the characters are interesting and the plot kept my attention.

One of the things I liked was their attempt to stop the apocalypse and how their attempts help to make sure it happens.

I enjoyed the first season enough to want to watch the second season.


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