Endurance running. Marathons. Triathlons. What do they have in common? Fit. You have to be fit. No-one will ever run a marathon or a triathlon without a lot of lead up work beforehand. To be godly I need to train myself. Train my mind to think right. Train my heart to do right. Train my body to obey right. 

There are 2 types of exercise. One is the type we do for our physical person. The other is the type we do for our spiritual person  (1 Timothy 4:8).

Which is more important? 

The spiritual person is more important. The more we train our spiritual person the more we will have an obedient carnal person. The more our spiritual person is in control and the more we are led by the Holy Spirit the more obedient we will be in all the different areas of our lives.

When our spiritual person is strong we:

  • will find it easier to obey God
  • will find it easier to exercise self-control
  • will find it easier to focus on the right things
  • will find it easier to resist temptation
  • will find it easier to not get caught up in wrong thinking
  • will find it easier to give up the strongholds in our lives
  • will find it easier to desire surrender

How do we make our spiritual person stronger? Get the Word in our hearts. Make time for prayer. Meditate on the Word. Apply the Word. Go to God in times of temptation. Memorise the Word.

The more we do these things the more we are able to honour God with our eating, our food and exercise, and the less we will binge, overeat or obsess about food.

Training to be godly and exercising for physical improvement have some things in common:

  • both make us strong – one on the inside and the other on the outside
  • both teach us about commitment
  • both will make us feel “better” in that each will improve us both inside and out
Am I daily making my spiritual person stronger? And how am I doing taking care of my physical person?