Through the Eyes of a Child

Children can be full of so much hope and have no fear of the future. Their imagination is always by their side and they just simply want what’s best (or what makes them happy). I find it interesting how people stray away from this pure mindset. Of course, adults shouldn’t have tantrums because they didn’t get the candy they wanted, but they should stay hopeful. 

I am a very hopeful person and always try to see things from a happier perspective, looking on the bright side of life. I don’t want negative things to impact me or my day, so I try my best to avoid letting things become the atmosphere around me. I don’t like to sit in sadness, or whatever the emotion may be. Something to note is that heartbreak can lead to greater happiness when it’s done through God, and He turns those situations around for His good. But for the most part, I always try to bounce back. That’s what it feels like I’m doing, overcoming these, usually, little hills and reaching for the checkpoints until I someday reach the finish line of heaven. 

A child is amazing. Not only is it absolutely incredible that a child’s life can come into existence, but that they can sing and dance through life, as if there’s no obstacles to come their way. They can swing while on a playground and dream about what they’ll be when they grow up—how their lives will turn out. They can dream. But as people get older, their options tend to become more limited as they explore and discover their interests and skills. 

In the Bible, it is mentioned multiple times how we are to act as and be children (we are children of God!). “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these'” (Matthew 19:14, NIV). Children will oftentimes believe stories they are told, like ones of the Bible, ones of other historical events, family memories, and childhood holiday figures. We should have faith like a child has faith. 

I remember when I was little I would depend so much on what my parents said. If they said maybe in the morning about something and later said no, I would be so let down because I had so much hope in the possibility of a yes. We should still have hope in life, but especially in Christ.

I wish adults could see life through the eyes of a child. 

~The Inspired One