The Second World War by John Keegan

Writing a full length book on even just one battle requires an author to pick and choose what details they will include. How can you cover the entire Second World War in just one book? That is just what John Keegan does in his Second World War.

Second World War

I have read a number of books by Keegan and he is one of my favourite military historians. He is able to balance research with a readable style.

In this large book, Keegan takes us through the war from its earliest beginnings to the final victory over Japan. The challenge for this type of book is that war against Germany and Japan almost feels like two different wars. But Keegan is able to bring it together without disrupting the narrative.

Keegan mixes a chronological and topical approach that works well for giving readers a good grasp of the Second World War.

Anyone really interested in the Second World War will want to read books on specific aspects of the war. But for those looking for the big picture, this is as good as it gets.

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