A wild animal that is domesticated gets use to food given that he loses his instinct to hunt. If the handout isn’t present he will starve. Strange but really we are not that different as we get so use to money coming in that we take it for granted. When it stops, we think God is against us, but is He really?

The manna stopped the day after they ate the food from the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but that year they ate the produce of Canaan.” — Joshua 5:12

God promised provision to the Israelites when departing Egypt providing food in the form of manna day after day for 40 years. They were trained not to think but to gather and only gather enough for one day– that day– and no more. More than likely, over time, they went from gratefulness and anticipation to entitlement and complaining. Funny how you can get so accustomed to the blessing that you complain about the very thing that you prayed for! Then 48 hours after passover, when they were on the edge of Canaan, they ate grain, bread and fruit from this new land. And their world was rocked!

It was then that God pushed them out of their nest into a new season of hunting for themselves. Their supply used to come from their circumstance but now they were entering a new season of cultivation. The Israelites wanted to return to Egypt under slavery many times when they were journeying toward Canaan but God said, and maybe saying to you today, that you’re entering a new season which requires a new strategy for supply. God knows how to feed you in every season you’re in;

  • Ravens dropping food for Elijah
  • Oil in jars for a woman in debt
  • Naaman receiving a connection from a teenage servant girl
  • The boy gave up his meager lunch to feed 5,000

Business is often seasonal too. Sales have always come in during this quarter and when they don’t you’re worrying that He has forgotten you. New seasons are opportunities from the same source but in a different market, product or service. Can a “zag” instead of a “zig” be the catalytic shift for revenue?

a new season requires a new strategy for supply
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God knows how to feed you in every season you’re in. It’s time to hunt not whine. He hasn’t abandoned you it’s just your manna has changed forms. 

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Can you tweak a product or market for your goods & services during a dry season?


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