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A woman on the front line

“Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel”

Mama Debby is just one of those women in the bible that I really have a beef with just like the proverbs 31 woman (you should read my previous post on her). Because of her intimidating bravery.
She is just too perfect, a warrior and a frontliner.

As I read this verse, and the previous ones where she led an army of men to war, I simply concluded Deborah was a typical modern feminist but on second reading I discovered she was more than a warrior at heart; she was simply a woman who was not afraid to take challenges regardless that men were all around her.

DEBORAH stared back at the soldiers who stood with her atop Mount Tabor. Their bodies were there but not their spirit, there was so much fear and doubt in their heart. It was touching to see them there. Her heart was broken to pieces. In the morning light, she contemplated their bravery and the faith of their leader, Barak.

Though they were 10,000 strong, their faith and courage would face a great test this day. They were going against a vicious foe, and they were outnumbered and poorly armed. But they had come here anyway​largely because of the encouragement of this one woman.

Her garments rustling in the breeze as she and Barak looked out over a sweeping vista. It resembled a great cone with its top blunted. Barak held onto her, she held onto her God.

Sisera’s army was drawing nearer, equipped with armor produced and imported from the best blacksmiths. Sisera intended to cut down the ill-equipped Israelites as if he were harvesting barley!
Sisera! The very name caused terror and panic in Israel.

Men cowered in the woods and hills, afraid to farm or to live in unwalled villages and terrified to travel on the open roads lest they be attacked, their children taken, and their women raped.
Deborah knew that Barak and his men were waiting for some word, some signal, from her. Was she the only woman there?

What was it like for her to bear so much responsibility in such a setting?

Did she wonder what she was doing there? Evidently not! The Lord her God, had told her to start this war; he had also revealed that he would use a woman to bring it to an end.

In our current dispensation, she would have probably been called a feminist for her actions, she would have been criticized strongly for trying to take men to battle and be at the frontline, that woman is the modern day woman on the front line

Armies of men. Hefty and well built soldiers of war trained day and night answered to her even a chief commandant said to her in fear:
“If you don’t go with me, I won’t go at all”


When the Bible first introduced Deborah, she was referred to her as “a prophetess.” That designation makes Deborah unusual in the Bible record but hardly unique. Deborah had another responsibility. She was also evidently settling disputes by giving the Lord’s answer to problems that came up.

She was a Judge. Deborah lived in the mountainous region of Ephraim, between the towns of Bethel and Ramah. There she would sit beneath a palm tree and serve the people as God directed. Her assignment was surely challenging, but Deborah did not allow it to daunt her. There was a dire need for her services.

Here am I sprawling on the ground like a weak woman thinking only of marriage and less of fulfilling purpose. If Deborah was my mentor, I wonder what she would say to me. I know it could probably be around the lines of “Stand up from the floor and get to work”

Some of us could currently be in messed up family and could be looking for a way out and marriage seems like just the only escape route available. While you wait, rise as a mother in Israel
Rise young woman and stand on the frontline in the financial sector, academic sector, educational sector and business sector.

Not just I but the lord also longs for women like us, young ladies who would take the bull by the horn and choose to step out and stand on the front line and make impact.

Women who would replace Kathryn khulman of blessed memory, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Elizabeth George, Priscilla shirer, mama Oyedepo, to name but a few of them who are out and about on the front line

You are part of this movement and your generation awaits your manifestation.

Precious Oli
Precious Oli