The wind is howling, rattling windows and eaves like a tornado ready to strike.  Outside the trees are swaying so much it looks like they will fall over.  As I look out the window, snow is actually blowing sideways.  

These sudden, fierce storms pop up without warning.  You can easily be driving along on clear roads and within seconds be surrounded by intense, blowing snow.  Such snow squalls make driving treacherous and ill advised.

The government has issued a squall warning.  While more common in areas with large bodies of water, such a warning is rare in our prairie environment.  How do we deal with such an unknown entity?  We don’t know exactly where the damaging winds and snowfall will occur.  These squalls are just small blips of weather – rearing its ugly head for moments and then disappearing as fast as it arrives.

It is the same in our Christian life – these sudden and often life changing events occur and we are blown away.  Life can be moving along quite nicely when suddenly we are in an intense situation that has us reeling out of control.

How do we handle these squalls of life?  Do we cave in and let the storm batter us with no resistance?  Do we drive blindly through the storm, not knowing which way is the correct path because of the distractions blowing across?

There are many times in life when we seem to be moving along at a decent pace, the road ahead seems clear, and we feel we have a secure plan in place.  Suddenly a squall changes the direction of everything.  Our lives are turned upside down and inside out.  Our sense of normal is gone and we are lost in the blinding snow of despair and indecision.  

The snow squall warnings we receive say not to travel.  Stay put and stay safe.  This is good advice when events in life cause us upset.  Take time to stop and reflect.  Find a safe haven and re-evaluate.  

Thankfully, in the middle of any storm is Christ.  Our guide and our shield, He is there to help us traverse any challenging terrain or circumstance.  We don’t have to sit in our vehicle and not know which way to drive.  Jesus can and will pilot us in the right direction if we are willing to yield to His interventions.  

It doesn’t matter what kind of squall has hit us – death in the family, marriage break up, issues with children, job loss, difficult people, etc.  Jesus helps us meet each and every situation in life with purpose and direction if we let Him.

Our only true hope in the upsets of life is Christ.  Look to Him when the cares of this world start pressing in on you.  He will answer your every need.