It’s a common stereotype to associate someone who is alone with isolation, but we need to look deeper under the surface to discover that sometimes the people who are going solo are the ones who have some great advantages and opportunities.

Doing things on your own can be a great experience, and it can most certainly be a beneficial time to get closer to God without the limitations that others could bring around you. I think we all learn how beautiful the simplicity is of discovering life’s wonders. Not only does one grow personally in this world but they also grow spiritually. 
Don’t get me wrong, being alone a large majority of the time isn’t dandy, but you might as well make the most of it, right? Like anything in life, we should be trying to look at the positives rather than the negatives. Focusing on the downsides in life will only drag us and make us long for more and more, so we should turn our eyes to the goodness we have. 
Going solo at stages in life can be extremely rewarding (and difficult, of course), whether you chose to be alone or that’s just how life happened. It gives you time and opportunities to work on you. While it may be challenging, you have to have hope.

No matter what, though, whether you feel alone or are oftentimes surrounded by people, God works on us individually and personally. While we can build each other up, ultimately God works on people’s hearts. No one else can move you the way God can.

Sometimes it takes being lost or alone to truly find what we’re seeking, and God can turn all things into good for those who love Him.

Oftentimes, being in a room full of people can feel the loneliest, because we can end up just watching and no one approaching. It is so important to remember that God is chasing after us, even when you don’t feel your best. He doesn’t base His love for you off of mistakes or awkward interactions. His first impression of you was before you were even born and He loved you—more than words can say.

We’re all truly on the path to Him on our own (with other paths—like friends and family—close by). So, the relationship between He and you should be most important. Let the world reject you, but He won’t stop loving you.

Going solo gives time for self-reflection, giving God our attention and dedication, and a lot of appreciation. It’s not a bad thing to be alone, it’s just different. It’s part of the story that God crafted for us.

~The Inspired One