I feel like walking—whether that be out in the streets or surrounded by trees—almost forces you to take a moment for yourself and focus on the beauty of life. With the crisp air of fall arriving, you’re prone to desire to stay inside, to avoid the cold, and to snuggle up with a blanket (and a dog) with a good book. It sounds like a classic fall social media post.

To me, fall basically means perseverance. Yes, it may be cold, but chilly weather never killed beauty, it just emphasized another kind of wonderful.

To some others, fall means pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice (everything), fall decorations, the leaves turning colors, colder weather, and Halloween (we won’t get into that here). I find it interesting how quickly some places can go from a hot summer day to “sweater weather,” like in a week.

Oftentimes when nature grasps my attention, my focus is turned to God. I can’t help but think of how amazing it is that the leaves change colors all around the same time, how snow can stick to branches and create a winter wonderland, and just the fact that the world was created one day and it continues on this cycle nonstop.

And before you know it, snowflakes are fluttering down in the sky. I find this cycle to be astonishing. There’s something about getting cozy inside and being able to view the beauty of nature without the worry of the harsh winds and temperatures that come with it. When I do walk outside and interact with nature, it makes takes the experience to an entirely different level—one in which you’re in such awe of God and His creation. 

Staring at the changing colors of the leaves, the sparkle of the snow and how each snowflake is unique, and just the pure beauty about it are some of my favorite things about the colder seasons.

Listen to some music, read a book, allow God to stir up your heart, and let yourself get lost in the wonderful world that God has created. Do all the fall-y things that you enjoy.

Fall almost has this beautiful melody of accentuating the beauty of everything around us and embracing the newness that comes with the coming season. While it can get very hectic and many changes can be occurring, we need to make sure we find out peace, our serenity, in Christ.

~The Inspired One