I’m sure many of us are familiar with the phrase, “Search your heart,” and have probably used it at some point in one way or another. I think this is something we should be taking more seriously. Searching your heart doesn’t just mean that you ponder a topic or a question for a short amount of time and let your opinions take over as your answer. It means you let God enter into your heart and you sit on it, you pray about it, you look to the Bible for guidance and answers . . . you let God take control. 

It’s okay to not have an answer or be unsure about something. God didn’t give us knowledge about everything, because we shouldn’t know and understand every single thing. If we did, God wouldn’t be the God we know today. If we did know everything, we would understand his plans, and therefore could abandon faith, understand power, and not feel the need to worship. Of course, we want to be Christ-like, but we honor him and worship him. He’s at a glorious status above us, and we’re blessed to be able to worship him like we can. 

Questions in the search suggestions, like in the photo above, are ones that, I think, many people try to answer in various ways. Questions like “Who is God?” and “Who are Christians?” cannot be easily (and truthfully) answered on the internet. The answers come from personal experience, whether that be reading the Bible or simply living out life and learning things to be true.

We, as humans, cannot fully answer any of these questions, even the “Who am I?” question. We can learn as much as possible about God, but will never fully know anything. There are limits he has given because he tells us what he wants us to know. He didn’t have to make it known that he has knowledge of the number of hairs on our heads, but he wanted us to know that he knows about everything. 

Even the answer to the question of “Who wrote the Bible?” is debated. Some think God dictated every single word and some think some passages are as such but it is also divinely inspired by him and written through others. 

So, with anything, we should search our hearts. It doesn’t always have to be big decisions and steps in our lives. You don’t have to spend an hour considering little things, because you have the experience that backs up your answers that you’ve built up over time. Sometimes we have to do another search, and maybe you need to re-search something you thought you knew. 

Advanced search. In Christianity, you should be all in and should always be in “advanced search” mode. You don’t want to tread in water and only know what others have told you about God. You want to get a taste of God, know the truth, and discover what it truly means to be a Christian. 

~The Inspired One