Ryker Eugene- 11 Months

IMG_1191[1]The Facts:

– Your top two teeth are starting to break though.  These will give you all four of your front teeth.IMG_1179[1]

– You are such a happy baby but you have been even more content since your surgery (tubes in your ears.)

– You are sleeping so much better now as well.  We can lay you in your crib awake and you will fall asleep on your own just fine.


– You still love to climb and are constantly going for the stairs.

– You can wave and say “hi.”

– You also say “dada” and “baba” but still no “mama” yet.


– You love to give open mouthed kisses and blow kisses across the room. Such a flirt!


– You have cut down to a bottle every 4 hours and are eating table food all the time.  You have even started doing some whole milk in a sippy cup.  

– You have a such a connection with both of your sisters but no one can make you laugh like Brynzlee!


Ryker Gene, we love you so incredibly much!  Thank you for all the joy you bring into our lives!