Since we have almost lived in our house for a full year now, I decided it would be a good idea to keep track of what improvements/upgrades we make to the house each year.  Something to look back on.  We shall see how well I keep up on this.

Before we even moved into our house we had someone lined up to come put cabinet and drawer pulls on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets/drawers. This is something that Davis wouldn’t do but that we knew we wanted. We found these black finish pulls and nobs from Amazon.


Right after moving in we put up towel bars and toilet paper holders in all of our bathrooms. We had opted to get a credit for all of these items and light fixtures from the builder so that we could take the time to get exactly what we want.  We (I) may be a little picky…hence the reason why we STILL don’t have many light fixtures up.

Next on our list was to tackle our yard. It was a mess. The builder had run out of money in our budget for the yard due to unexpected added costs that came with the removal of the shed that was first on our property. That left out the grading and seeding of our yard.


“Before” picture of our yard


Another “before” picture that shows the uneven yard

grading and seeding

This made a huge difference and the grass came up pretty quickly which is awesome when you have dogs to let outside. The landscaping company that did the grading and seeding also finished a retaining wall on the side of our driveway. We eventually added mulch and some boxwoods to the front landscaping beds but that was it for 2019 yard improvements.

After the yard made us feel like we were living in a house and not a mud pile, we moved on to all the exciting things to spend money on…or more like boring and practical things. We had a back-up sump pump and water softener put in. We also had a water treatment “thing” put in. I don’t know the technical term for this “thing” but I do know that it stopped our well water from stinking to high heavens.

We added a deck to the back of the house and took off the huge 2X4’s blocking the back door off our kitchen.  We put a new grill (the old hand-me-down grill broke in the move) and our patio furniture on the deck and enjoyed quite a few dinners on the patio before the weather turned too cold.  


We put in light fixtures in three out of our 4 bathrooms and are still looking for the perfect set for our master bath. We put in a dinning room light and found sconces for either side of our fireplace.  We are still on the hunt for our main flush lighting throughout the house.


We painted Ryker’s room but still do not have anything hung up on his walls. Sorry, dude. We are waiting to paint other rooms until after our one year walk through.


We spruced up our front porch by adding a rug, a few rocking chairs, and some potted plants.  We got the rug and rockers for a deal at At Home.  The porch is such a cozy spot to unwind now.  (The huge window peeking out of the right hand corner of the picture was also used to replace another floor to ceiling window that had a broken corner.)

We finished out our 2019 improvements by adding gutter guards at the end of the year. 

It was a busy year but has been fun making our forever home perfect.  Next, I plan on sharing some of my project goals for the upcoming year.