Reflections on Restarting my YouTube Channel

I see my YouTube channel as be a key element in my online program. But I have just rebooted it and so I’m still in the early stages. Still, I have already learned some things.


I’m experimenting with various kinds of content. Some of it is just videos on topics related to the kind of posts I blog. I have also started a series called “60 Seconds On,” which is not getting as many views as I would like, but which I think will become popular as the channel grows.

I have also started a vlog. I understand that the entire channel could be considered a vlog but these are videos that are more personal in nature and have a little less production.

But there are two types of videos that I have noticed are getting a good amount of views.

One is when I interview another person, sometimes an author, on a specific topic. These guests are easy to get as they want promotion and I want guests. We both win. These video interviews have been popular.

The other is when I do a video based on one of my popular blog posts. I just look at what is currently popular on my blog, record a video based on that, and insert that video into the existing blog post. Those are some of my most popular videos.

What about you, what works for you?


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