Sketching a rough draft of my future life in my mind is difficult. I keep erasing different details. What if I go down a different path? What if I’m not successful in this area? What if this thing takes longer than I think it will? All valid questions that go through a young person’s mind. We don’t know anything that the future might hold.

Sketching is an easy, yet difficult, process. A sketch can look very messy or it can look professional. It can be the beginning of something incredible or the start of the journey to the trash bin. I have sketched and drawn a little bit throughout my life and there can be a lot of erasing involved. It can be very tedious to re-sketch shapes over and over to get them right. And sketching is the “easy” part. Well, at least it’s supposed to be. 

Art is beautiful. It’s a God-given gift. It’s a special and unique talent that takes dedication and desire. Any piece of art—whether it’s artwork, writing, music, etc.—takes pursuing an idea that was sparked by inspiration. And inspiration can come from anywhere. 

Regarding life paths, I jumped between about four different ideas in about two years’ time. My mind imagined what life would have been like if I chose any of those various types of careers—performing arts, marketing, teaching (English), and editing and writing. I think I would have had a harder time deciding between being an English teacher and chasing after editing and writing if I didn’t despise presenting and public speaking so much. But I think God made it clear for a reason. Thankfully, He tends to do that. 

And who gets the credit for this art? We don’t, that’s for sure. God does. If our lives are masterpieces He’s working on, then He gets the credit. So, don’t be afraid to sketch, because God doesn’t give up on His people. You’re a priceless masterpiece. 

~The Inspired One