What does it mean to have a light at the end of the tunnel? Does it refer to seeing “the light” when one passes away, or is it in regard to good at the end after many troubles and trials? Does the light just represent good or is it an end goal? Can we have more than one light, do we go through more than one tunnel throughout our lives? All are questions that, simply, can’t be answered. It is possible that it could be all of the above. 
In my life, I have gone through different chapters, so I think I have been through multiple tunnels already. My lights, past and future, include finishing high school and college, jobs, writing novels, editing novels, and more that will someday be added to the list of things I have accomplished in my life. 
I think it is important to have that light at the end, sometimes it’s all that can keep you going in the middle of a marathon or a tennis match. When times get stressful or hard, it can be so critical to think about the bigger picture, because sometimes the smaller details don’t seem worth it, but they are when added up to put in all the pieces of the puzzle. 
If you share what your lights are to people, they may support you and may even have some of the same ones that you do. God created us to have goals. We are designed to know that there is meaning to life, and those goals are a big part of the path He has you on. 
The light at the end of the tunnel, overall, in life is to meet with Jesus and be in His presence forever and ever, and to bring as many people with us as possible. That is the true goal of life itself. So, don’t stop chasing your lights, and don’t stop being a light to others.