Food. Available. Pulling every which way. Desire. Wanting it. Resisting it. Giving in. Again. That was me. And I know it can be me at a moment’s notice. It’s so easily to succumb. I’m fooling myself if I think I’m strong 100% of the time. Satan knows my weaknesses and food is one of them. 
I know I can so easily put food before obedience. I know I can so easily put food before God. It’s a daily surrender. A moment by moment, a meal by meal surrender. Not an obsession over food, but a giving over of it to God and making food “normal”. Only God can help me make food normal again. He’s helping me to make it so.

When will you stop running? 
When will you stop panting after other gods?
But you say, ‘Save your breath. 
I’m in love with these foreign gods, 
and I can’t stop loving them now!’ 

Wow what a verse? It hits me right between the eyes! This is so me! God wants me to stop running to food. To stop going after the god named food. And what do I do? Rebel. I love my food. I want my food. I love food more than I love to please You.
Quick. Repent. Change the focus of my desires from me and food to God and His spiritual food.  It’s never too late. He is forever calling. Calling to stop bad habits, wrong desires, and misplaced pleasure. Wanting fellowship. Desiring my best. 
It’s never too late. Past, present or future – He is there to help and nurture and invest into my life to make me more like my Saviour. Thank you Father for Your warnings in Your Word. Help me to heed and act on what You show me.