Many of us are familiar with Legos. You can connect them to create anything in your imagination. I used them growing up, and they’re great. I had someone tell me once that a person’s relationship bubble is like a Lego brick. Some can have a lot of relationships while others can have fewer. I was hurt as to why friendships didn’t work out very often, and she had an interesting perspective to share with me. 

The Lego brick. Every person has so many little pegs that they can fill on their brick—and it varies from a lot to just a few—and I think I just kept finding people that I wasn’t supposed to join with on their “brick of relationships.”

I have had friendships that were great, and they only were meant to last for a season, and I’m thankful for that. Most relationships won’t last forever. But it’s difficult when you don’t know if it’s meant to be for a while or for a short amount of time in your life. If we instinctively knew from the beginning what the duration of a relationship would be when we met someone, life would be a lot different. We may not take chances or invest our hearts into people who deserve it. 

God’s brick is limitless—the only brick that has an infinite number of pegs. He would never shut anyone out because He was “too busy” or He didn’t “get along” with them. That’s not how it works. He’s different . . . in an amazing way. 
~ ~ ~ 

Personally, I think God has a reason for this in my life, because the people who are there for me are a lot more obvious than the ones who are there for a moment. It really stands out to me, and even though it hurts, I think I fail to appreciate this. I think God wants to make it obvious. Also, I think whoever I do end up marrying someday will be kind of obvious to me because of the contrast and how God works in my life and with this metaphor, and I believe God is going to use this for good. 

I’m the person who is usually in a group for a weird amount of time. I’m there long enough to be comfortable, part of the family, make friends, and then, due to restrictions of age or time, I had to leave. This was hard to deal with growing up. Even now, I still find myself in these “sort of temporary” situations. I step into the water, dive deep, and then I have to leave. This only leaves me incredibly thankful when I do find places where there’s no restriction of time and I can stay. But if you join God’s brick, you never have to leave the family. He already has a spot reserved for you. 

~The Inspired One