I have always been drawn to movies about the “end of the world.” We have had lots of good zombie apocalypse movies but need something fresh.

How about a planet-killer comet?


That is the premise of the movie Greenland. Parts of a comet called Clarke have already hit earth causing terrible destruction. But a larger part is headed for Europe and is to cause an extinction-level event.

The movie is about a family that had been going through marital difficulties trying to navigate the end of the world. They repeatedly find hope and have the hope dashed.

The name of the movie, Greenland, refers to a shelter in Greenland that is their only way to survive. If only they can get to Greenland…

This movie requires large stretches of imagination. One example being the breaking up and reunion of the family in unlikely circumstances. It is by no means a flawless movie.

However, the audience is drawn in to their struggle and is cheering them on each step of their journey. We hang on the edge, wondering if they are going to make the next part.

Greenland is an appropriate for a time like our current pandemic. One of the themes is that it illustrates how a crisis will bring either the worst or best out of people. While some people fall to violence, there are some inspiring examples of people showing compassion even when it looks like it won’t make a difference.

Greenland was a good movie. I would actually like to see a sequel.


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