Good News: The Kids Are Back to School!

It is usually the beginning of September when we rejoice that the kids are back to school. This time it is the second week of February and it is with a twist.

The relief for us is not just the kids aren’t at home all day. Although that is there. Rather it is that they are going from school at home to school back on location.

Some kids thrive with online school. Ours don’t. They need to be around their friends and in a more structured environment.

Today is the first time we have had the three kids at school in a long time. We could see a change in their mental health almost immediately. It was as if a dark cloud had been lifted.

I want to make it clear that none of this means that I was against sending the kids home. I do believe their health comes first. If sending the kids home is the best way to deal with the pandemic, then I’m in favour.

But I’m also in favour of them going back when it is safer for the sake of their mental health (and ours!). That is what happened today and that is Good News!


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