Good News: Okay Boomer!

It was not that long ago that our dog Halo, after being with us for over ten years, died. We talk about having a God-shaped hole, but there is also something like a dog-shaped hole in people’s lives.

We had talked about the possibility of getting another dog but were not sure about the timing. Then Amanda found a dog at a local Humane Society that caught her attention.

The dog had and has issues. The previous family that adopted him, returned him less than twenty-four hours later. He is high energy to say the least.

But we decided to take a chance. We met him and loved him. They made us wait a day to think about it as the dog already has separation anxiety and another short adoption would be devastating.

We waited and decided that we would go for it. We brought the dog home.

It has been an adventure. That first twenty-four hours was stressful. Halo was a twelve year old ex-service dog who came to us after he was fully trained. There was no way that any dog could compare.

The biggest challenge has been the cats. They are not getting along and at this moment, they are all hiding in the basement.

The other challenge is the separation anxiety. He was obviously neglected, although perhaps not intentionally. He gets very stressed out if even only one of us goes out the door.

The good news is that we have seen some great improvement. We are both getting to know each other and he is beginning to trust us when we go out. I need to give a huge shout out to Amanda. Amanda is doing the lion’s share of the training and she has already brought him a long way.

So far, I have only been calling him “the dog.” When we got him, his name was Deinu. We didn’t like the name and he didn’t respond to his name.

On the way to the shelter, I joked that we should call him Boomer. “Boomer” is a popular name for young people to call older people. My son will often say to me (jokingly), “Okay Boomer!” even though I belong to Gen X. My joke became his name and he responds well to Boomer.

There is still a lot of work to do. One of the hard things is that in his face, Boomer looks eerily like Halo. I have even called him Halo by mistake. But Halo’s legacy can live on in our relationship with Boomer.

Now if we can only get the dog and cats to get along…



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