Good News: A Quiet Christmas

Christmas was definitely different this year. Most of the time I would describe Christmas, between family and church, as hectic. Not this year.

When people have asked my how Christmas has been, I reply with: “Quiet.”

On the family front, it was just Amanda and I and our three youngest children. We were not able to see Logan and Abby and that was difficult. We also couldn’t see some of our other extended family.

On the church front, our Christmas Eve candlelight service is one of my highlights. While we could have had one, our leadership agreed that it was better to go online only. I believe it was a wise decision but it was still hard.

That is not to say that it was a bad Christmas. We had some good times. We were able to do some video chats. Christmas was not cancelled.

This may be the Christmas that reminds us about what is important at Christmas. And that is Good News.


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