I want a miracle and I want it now! I want to be done with my bad eating habits. And I want it TODAY! Over the years that was my desire. A quick fix so I can be happy and not have to deal with food and guilt from overeating and knowing it wasn’t pleasing to God.

How I have wanted it to be so easy! I wanted my issues with food done and dusted and with as little pain as possible.  Can my eating habits be changed overnight? Can years of overeating, bingeing (my biggest problem) and adding more healthy options into my diet happen overnight?

Well ……….. that depends on God!

It can happen! But I think that for me at least, it didn’t. It has been a process. Hours, days, weeks, months. Some change sometimes, some great victories some times, some failures many times. An ongoing journey that has been overseen by God.

Not often does God take us from here to there in an instant. He can, and does with some of His children, but usually, it’s a journey. Joseph learned character and patience in prison before he became second in charge over Egypt. Abraham learned to wait for the birth of his promised child. Joshua and Caleb had to wait 40 years before they got to the Promised Land. David had to wait a while between being anointed as King by Samuel and actually becoming King of Israel.

For most of us, we won’t change overnight. In the journey, we’ll learn to wait on God and have our character changed. We’ll learn about trust. And faith. We won’t be rid of the stronghold of food in super quick time. It’s a process. Victory waits on the other side. We just have to wait on God to get us there.

What is important to know?

The key is not to miss out on the learning process. What God teaches me. How He changes me and how I look at food. Growth and change all takes time.

  • Am I focusing on what God can do with me in the changing process? 
  • Can I see how my relationship with God is growing? 
  • Do I feel that peace within because I are being obedient? 
  • Do I notice that I am starting to look at other things differently since I put God in control of the overeating? 
  • Have I come to see that my sensitivity to that still small voice is now active in so many different areas of my life and not just with my overeating problem?