When I feel the urge to overeat and food is calling my name, what am I going to do? Just give in? Make a half-hearted attempt at trying to stop myself?

Instead of trying to rationalise giving in and restarting again tomorrow (repeat repeat) what I don’t do is sit there and let the voices in my head just talk on and on. The voices in my head saying “help yourself”, “you can eat that”, “you can start again tomorrow” and all those other words that rattle around when I want to justify having a food party.

What is MY plan of attack? 

  • REMOVE myself from the temptation (very important). Leave the room and find a quiet place (for example a bedroom)
  • Silence my heart (very important)
  • Take a few moments to be still before the Lord
  • Speak out loud the verses I have that will help me through the temptation 
  • Speak the Word like I really mean it and believe it
  • Repeat repeat repeat 
  • Emphasise the different parts of the Word for effect
  • Pray pray pray and ask for help
  • Thank the Lord for hearing and helping me to hold my ground and be obedient
  • DON’T leave the place of escape until the words of the Word get a hold of me and are doing their work

The Word Of God must be louder than the voices in my head. Keep saying the Bible Verses and praying out loud until the temptation voices become a whisper instead of a loud noise. And keep repeating and speaking the verses and praying them out as well until the voices become silent and obeying God is the centre of my desire. And obedience becomes more important then food.

For example: 

The voice in my head is saying “I want ice cream”. “I want a second helping”. “I want more cake”. Instead I have my Bible Verse that says that I have the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. I say to myself (best said out loud) “no, I won’t have it (whatever it is that I want to eat).  I have the fruit of the Spirit of self-control and I can control my appetite. I will not overeat but I will live in self-control. God’s Word says I have self-control and I’m going to use it right now. I will obey”.

Never underestimate the POWER of the Word no matter the circumstances. The Word of God will ALWAYS be a help and NEVER a hindrance. Never underestimate it’s influence to change a bad habit or behaviour, or to stop a temptation right in it’s tracks.