First Steps into Forever (Part 3—Finale): The Church

When she walked into the church, she felt like she was ten again. A day of fellowship with her friends, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ. Sundays were always her favorite until her angel left her to go to a better place. Her mother had always said that Grandma was always like an earthly guardian angel, and she missed her more than ever.

“Will you excuse me?” She looked up at him—Mr. Latte, “Where’s the ladies’ room?”

He pointed to a hallway. “Through there and it’s the first door on your left.”

“Thanks.” She quickly made her way into the one-person bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror.

“Jesus, I really need You today.”

I am always with you, Daughter…

“What do I do? He’s perfect and I—”

Love him…

She laughed. “Excuse me? We just met and—”

Love him…

“I don’t understand.”

You don’t have to… Just know that he’s the one…

“Wait. You’re really telling me this?”

There was no answer.

“Really? Right when it gets to the good part?” She chuckled.

When she walked out, she found him waiting for her, like a groom waiting for his bride on their wedding day.

He is the one. She felt crazy for thinking such thoughts, since she had only just met him a few days before.

“Are you ready?” He offered his arm. 

I was born ready for you. “Yeah. Thanks.” She looped her arm through his and as they entered the sanctuary, she only saw one thing: him on their wedding day.

Once they sat down, she turned to him and asked, “What’s your name? I never asked.”

“It’s Jonathan. And your name?”

“I’m Alisa.”

He chuckled, “Names are kind of important.”

She laughed. “Yeah, they are.” My Mr. Latte, she wanted to add.

“I guess we kind of skipped step one.” He smiled and put his arm around her.

As the music played, Alisa realized that they were taking their first steps into forever.

~ ~ ~ 

This three-part story was something I wrote a few years ago and I just rediscovered it and thought it was cute. It’s important to trust God in every circumstance. Every single person will have to make a decision that will take them down specific paths in life that God has paved for them. 

I hope you enjoyed them or found something that sparked hope or joy for you. 

This year has been crazy and I think it’s important to focus on the positive as much as possible. 

~ The Inspired One