First Steps into Forever (Part 2): Mr. Latte

The next morning, after she got ready, she happily walked to the coffee shop to meet with Mr. Latte.

Don’t you dare start calling him that, Alisa, she reminded herself.

When she walked through the doors, she found him. It wasn’t a dream! She smiled.

“Hey.” He returned her smile.

“Hi.” She sat down with him.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered for you. I got you the same latte as yesterday. I figured it might be your usual.”

He was right. “Yeah. It is. Thank you.”

“No problem.” He stayed quiet for a moment. “Listen, this may seem very straightforward, but are you a Christian?”

How could he tell? “Yes, I am.”

He smiled. “I could kind of tell.”


“Would you like to go to church with me on Sunday?”

She was almost ready to break down in tears. When she was young, she had always asked Alisa to go to church with her every Sunday, but then she never went again after her grandmother passed away three years before, almost to the date. She just couldn’t.

“I’d love to.” She held up a smile.


~ ~ ~ 

Writing and reading happy stories is a great way to escape and let my heart be happy. 

~The  Inspired One