Deep Space Nine: Season Five – Review

As I continue to watch Deep Space Nine, I’m blown away at how it has improved since the first two seasons. These episodes are definitely as good, if not better than many of the Next Generation episodes.

Deep Space Nine

This season continues the conflict with the Dominion. Before open war breaks out, the Dominion is seeking allies in the Alpha quadrant. Who will be remain loyal to the Federation and who will switch to the Dominion?

That is not say that every episode is about the Dominion. There are a number of character pieces. There is development in the relationship between Worf and Dax. Surprisingly, two of my favourite characters have become the Ferengis Rom and Nog, long overshadowed by Quark. In many ways, Nog becomes the character we wished Wesley Crusher would have become in TNG.

Some of the stand alone episodes were very moving. I particularly liked the one where they met their descendants through a strange time travel accident. It is confusing but makes sense when you watch it.

I also loved the episode, speaking of time travel, when they go back to one of the events of the original Star Trek. It was amazing how they integrated the DS9 characters with Kirk and Spock. It was so fun.

For those who get discouraged by the first two seasons of Deep Space Nince, stick with it. It gets better!


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