How easy it is to sabotage myself. It doesn’t take a lot. It’s easier to walk this journey out in defeat than it is to walk it out in victory. It’s easy to give in than it is to be submissive. What makes victory possible is hope.

Why it is effortless to give up hope that change is possible then it is to build up hope that victory is there for the taking? The devil loves to make me feel that I can’t live each and every day in victorious living. That my hope in God to supply what I need for victory is too hard to sustain. His whispers that I can forget it that I can stand tall and walk tall as a set free child of God where overeating is concerned.

How to feed on hopeless feelings:
  • live in doubt
  • believe small
  • let sin reign
  • focus on the wrong things or the wrong places, or the wrong people
  • don’t open the Bible
  • believe everything I tell myself
  • tell myself “I can’t”
  • be my own worst enemy
  • be too busy to pray
  • just – give – up

How to feed on hopefulness:
  • remember whose child I am
  • don’t just read my Bible but believe what it says
  • remember the price that was paid
  • trust God is able to do great things in me
Mountains are meant to be climbed. Strongholds are meant to be broken. 

Every single day:

  • keep on asking for help because I will receive
  • keep on seeking help because I will find it
  • keep on knocking on heaven’s door, because it will open up a whole world of hope for daily deliverance