Balancing Confidence and Humility in Christian Apologetics

Christian Apologetics

There are two approaches to Christian apologetics that I believe are ineffective and at best are unattractive.

There are those who are so unsure of themselves that they have very little to offer. There is some kind of God out there but we really can’t say much about him. There was a Jesus but he is whoever we want him to be.

Then there are those who claim to have all the answers. There is nothing that we can’t explain. The whole thing fits together perfectly and anyone who can’t see that is an idiot.

There is a middle way.

There is a place to have confidence in the important things. If you are a Christian, you must be confident about something (or better Someone). Being confident doesn’t have to mean being pompous. There is something attractive about really believing what we say we believe.

But there is also a place for humility. There is much that we don’t understand and when we cover that up with slogans and cliches, people notice. Seekers are not looking for people who know it all, in fact that puts many people off. Many people are attracted to the honesty of admitting what we don’t know.

We need to avoid the two extremes. Don’t be afraid of taking a stand. But also don’t be afraid of being humble in what you know and don’t know.

I won’t pretend that this balance is easy, but it is essential if we are to answer skeptics and encourage believers.


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