August 18th—The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Today is pretty special to me. Well, the date is. I believe it was three years ago today that I read a very special book—Summer by Karen Kingsbury—and a lot changed in my heart. 

August 18th. It was a gorgeous summer day as the sun rays lit up my room, and I was reading a book—one that I had no idea would change my life. It feels almost magical to be apart of this fairytale-like journey. I smiled a lot while reading the book, my heart fluttered, and when I cried, my heart changed somehow. Not only did I fall in love with Mr. Right and little tiny humans I won’t know for a while, but it made me want to touch at least one person like Kingsbury touched me—that’s my goal for my writing. Someday, I would absolutely love to meet her, and that would be the one book I would want her to sign, because that changed a lot of things for me, and it began a true love for writing and wanting to do what God wants.  

Life isn’t easy, we all know that, but God can make it a whole lot easier for us, and He’ll do so many things to show His love for us and to how special we are. 

At this moment, that day is one of my most memorable, one of my most special. I wish I could take all of the special moments in my life and compile them all into one book to where the reader could feel what I felt then and know exactly what happened, but the problem is that they can’t be put into words. Some people would have cried because the woman in the book lost a baby, which I partially did, but I cried cause I couldn’t imagine that ever happening to me. It broke my heart into a million little pieces, scattered across my bedroom floor, in which only God could help me pick up. 

That day was the beginning of my love of reading, but it was also the beginning of something beautiful. And I wouldn’t change anything. Heartbreak can lead to a heart full of love sometimes. 

~ ~ ~ 

Reflecting on special moments in your life can truly remind you of how loving God is to have given you those times. I’m thankful, happy, and hopeful. I can’t wait to see how this story continues and flourishes into something even more beautiful—something greater than I can even imagine. 

~The Inspired One