Accepting Your God-Designed, Unique, & Distinct Story: Awaking Wonder, Chapter 2


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Have you ever felt less-than? Or maybe “too much?” Or even, “My life isn’t like hers or theirs or or or. I don’t fit in.

Stripes or spots? quiet or loud? Intellectual or artistic? orderly or inspirational? driven or gentle? Humorous or serious?

One of the best reasons I loved coming to an “Awaking Wonder” lifestyle, is that I lived into the freedom that our family, my children and I had unique gifts, personalities, drives than others. I felt quite free to live into who we were, to write our own story. I learned over time to live into the philosophy we had cultivated of Awaking Wonder and to live the unique story that suited our family.

The more we can accept ourselves, our personality, our story, our strengths and weakness, our flaws and our passions, the more contentment we will nurture in our lives. And when we are content, we are able to accept and affirm others for their uniqueness and for their individual responses to life. The more we like who God made us, the more secure our children will be.

“Do not be conformed to the world, but be transformed.” Romans 12: 1

Early one morning, my chatterbox little boy ran into the room, jumped on the couch next to me, snuggled and said with a sparkle, “Come on, admit it, mama! You must love me the best because I am the most fun of all your kids.”

Followed by, “Nuh huh! She loves me best because I help her the most.!”

And so the conversation escalated. My answer, “I love you the Nathanest! I love you the Joy-est!” You each have a place in my heart that only you can fit.

Personality–what a strange animal!

Perhaps you prefer one type of personality, and some personalities are surely easier to deal with. But the reality is, all personalities are holy to the Lord.

God gave me two introverts and two extroverts and a variety of different issues in between to shepherd. He expanded my soul and stretched me by challenging me to look at them from His eyes.

We live in a world that values conformity. We want to use our force, our power, our authority to make people, and our children, fit into the box. Be good. Be tame. Be moral. Come up with the right answer. Don’t bring attention to yourself. Don’t contend or question the norm.

And yet, after many years, I learned that who I was, even in my too much-ness, I was exactly who God formed me to be, and suited my own story well. Live in the freedom of your own design today and cultivate your own life story little by little as you live into your own unique part of His greater Story.

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