7 Ways to Respond to the Fall of a Christian Leader

I am writing this in the wake of allegations being made public about a well know Christian leader. I won’t mention the name here, because he was not the first and sadly won’t be the last.

I can think of about a half dozen Christian leaders that fiver years ago were the superstars of the Church but know we know the truth. There are probably thousands of cases that we don’t know about.

I strongly believe we should not just ignore these events but rather they should be investigated fairly to determine the truth.

Here are seven ways we can respond to the public fall of a Christian leader:

  1. Do not gloat over their downfall. Whether you are jealous of their success or are on the other end of the theological spectrum, mourn rather than rejoice.
  2. If the person is still alive, pray for them. Whether or not they are still with us, pray for their families.
  3. Pray for their victims. Whether or not it was sexual in nature, a fall usually includes one or more victims.
  4. Reflect on your own temptations. If you were to fall, what areas would you be most vulnerable?
  5. Set up measures to protect yourself from falling. Don’t just be aware of the danger, do something about it.
  6. Acknowledge that the Church and its leaders are not perfect. Don’t try and hide the truth to protect a false image. Be transparent and honest and even repentant.
  7. Rejoice that Jesus overcame temptation and was victorious. Our human heroes always have the potential to fall but Jesus will never fail us.

How do you respond to the sins of our leaders?


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